Home Remedies to Prevent hair Loss

Home remedies to prevent hair loss
Home remedies to prevent hair fall - Usually, all persons have hair fall, this is a natural process. After the hair is fully grown, it falls on its own and new hair comes to that place, but more hair fall is a disease. There is a certain time of hair growth after which hair growth stops. According to the state of a person's body, when the underside of the hair roots becomes spoiled, then the old hair is separated from the hair hole. The separation of hair from this hair hole is called 'Hair falling', after which new hair grows at the same place.

Hair length generally increases to one centimeter during the period of one month. 100 hair fall per day is considered a simple thing because the head has the ability to grow so much hair. There is actually a cycle of hair. According to this cycle, the age of each hair ranges from 3 to 4 years. After this, they fall hair and in their place new hair grows. In this disease, therapists give capsules containing iron elements and tablets of Vitamin 'A' to people, which is not necessary. If someone's hair falls in more than 100 doses daily, then they should consult doctors.

Causes of hair loss
Lack of blood - Lack of blood in the body, any disease in the roots of the hair, disease etc., heat, dandruff, hair growth stops, and always having an open head in the sun, the hair starts falling apart.
Due to genetic reasons - even due to genetic reasons (eg when mother's hair falls at a young age, her daughter's hair also starts falling at an early age).
Hair loss due to brain work - Due to excessive stress on the brain, hair falls more. Lack of estrogen hormone in women causes hair fall. Lack of iron elements, vitamin B and Iodine in food causes hair fall before age.
Hair also breaks from dirt - Pimples, eczema, ringworm, scabies etc. occur in the scalp many times due to lack of proper cleaning of hair, worms and fungi, due to which hair holes start to get destroyed and hair fall out. Huh. Apart from this, hair breaks also due to more mental discomfort / mental stress.
Hair loss due to chronic diseases - Hair loss starts due to suffering from many diseases. In Motizhara (typhoid) fever, the hair of the patient starts falling dry, but as the fever starts to heal, the hair fall decreases. After this, new hairs grow in place of thick hair.
Due to these chronic diseases, weakness also occurs in the follicle follicles of other organs. Initially, these hair fall, but as the person is involved in new energy, the pore (hair cuticle) starts getting stronger.
Due to this, new hair comes in place of blown hair. After this disease has occurred, instead of being anxious for hair, attention should be given to physical eating. There are many reasons for excessive hair loss such as-

Chronic disease like typhoid
Drugs and Drug Reactions
Use of too many fragrant oils
Use of cheap cheap shampoo
Lack of balanced diet
Lack of nutrients in food is one reason for hair loss - for this it is necessary to increase the amount of protein in the food. For this, use gram, soybean and rajma etc. in food. Milk items are also beneficial for this. Our body skin has lubricating glands (nerves) which nourish hair with their smoothness.

This keeps the hair soft and starts growing. Hair is also nourished by blood (blood) circulation. If the blood (blood) attack continues properly, then the hair starts growing quickly and also becomes soft and shiny. Hair loss occurs due to lack of blood circulation.

Coconut Oil to prevent hair loss
Coconut :

A head massage with Coconut Oil stops hair fall.
Boiling fenugreek and Indian gooseberry powder in Coconut Oil and applying on the head provides relief.
To keep healthy and beautiful hair, it is necessary to add oil to the hair. Nowadays people keep hair dry. Keeping the hair dry will cause weakness in the hair roots and hair loss. For this it is important that hair brush is used in hair, this also leads to hair exercise.

The circulation of blood (blood) increases in the head, which makes the roots of hair strong. This reduces hair loss. Massage some good oil like coconut, almond rogan in your hair. Then rub hair roots with finger tips. The use of fragrant oils in hair should be avoided, because applying fragrant oil makes the hair weak and starts to whiten prematurely.

These are the best benefits of taking steam in hair
These are the best benefits of taking steam in hair

Hair steam
Steaming hair makes hair shiny and healthy like silk. It also stops hair loss. To steam, first take hot water in a pan and soak it in a towel and squeeze it lightly and wrap it in the hair. When cold, soak the other towel in the same way. Similarly, steam for 10 minutes. Apply oil on your scalp a day before the day you want to steam it.

These benefits are in the hair after bathing with hot water
The head should be washed frequently to avoid the problem of excess hair fall. Hair comb should be avoided after washing hair, because combing wet hair quickly breaks hair. For this, let the hair dry for a while and then comb it. To keep hair roots strong and to dry hair, very little hair dryer should be used.

This causes weakness in the hair roots. When using hair dryer equipment, keep it at a distance of 6-8 inches from the hair. Do not let the hair spray stay in the hair for long because it contains some harmful chemicals that can damage the hair.

Use of water for hair - Soak the towel in warm water and squeeze it on the head and keep it on the head for 2 minutes, immediately after soaking the second towel in cold water and squeeze it on the head for 1 minute. By doing this activity daily for 20 minutes, the hair of the head stops falling.

Tea hair will turn white hair
After washing the head, washing the head with tea water (without sugar and milk) gives shine to the hair and stops hair breakage.

Benefits of Neem leaves to prevent hair loss
If the head hair has started falling, then for this you should boil neem and plum leaves in water. It reduces hair loss by washing hair. Benefits of neem leaves for hair, thus hair will be black and long. The "lice" of the head also dies due to its use. While washing the head, make sure that this water does not enter the eyes. Keep eyes closed for this.

Lemon juice prevents hair loss
Massaging hair with lemon juice reduces hair loss.
Boil 2 tablespoons of tea leaves in a glass of water and let it cool.
After cooling, strain it and squeeze the lemon in it.
After thoroughly cleaning the hair, wash the hair with this water.
After this wash the hair with clean water.
Washing hair in this way makes hair shiny and soft and reduces their fall.

 Amla to prevent hair fall
To prevent hair fall, soak dry amla in water at night. Wash your head with this water in the morning. It makes hair roots strong and enhances the natural beauty, it benefits the mind and eyes.
Soak dry gooseberry at night and wash your hair with this water in the morning. This makes hair stronger, enhances the natural beauty of hair. Faras freezes. Benefits the eyes and brain. Grind rosemary and dry gooseberry and apply it in water and make hair black.
Makes hair healthy and strong. Cucumber - Using cucumber juice makes hair thick.
Long and thick hair found through cabbage - Eating 50 grams of cabbage leaves every day for 1 month causes red hair to grow again.
Eating amaranth is very beneficial when hair falls - eating curry vegetable to reduce hair fall reduces hair fall.
Basil is very beneficial for hair - If hair falls at a young age and the hair turns white, then mix the powder of basil leaves and gooseberry with water and massage it in the scalp. After 10 minutes wash your head. This reduces hair loss and makes hair black and long.
Can prevent hair loss from Kaner - To prevent hair fall, grind Kaner root, teeth and bitter luffa-all and cook this oil in banana juice (alkali). Applying it on the hair stops hair fall. (Benefits and Side Effects of Clove - Cloves Benefits and Side Effects)
Stop hair fall from hartal - To prevent hair fall, 10 grams of hartal, 50 grams of conch powder and 10 grams of ash of Dhaka mixed with all of these stops hair fall.
Curd for falling and rough hair
To prevent hair fall, head should be washed with curd because yogurt contains all the ingredients which healthy hair needs more. Applying curd to hair roots and washing it after twenty minutes is beneficial.

Rye for hair 
To prevent hair fall, rinsing the head with snow or a font of rye stops hair fall. Diseases like pimples, lice and itching disappear in the head.
Benefits of applying henna to hair
Grind henna leaves and beetroot like chutney and apply in the head to stop hair fall and new hair comes.

Strong recipe of cinnamon and honey - To prevent hair loss, heat olive oil and make a paste by mixing one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, apply this paste on the hair roots and skin for 15 minutes before bathing. People who have scalp hair and who have become bald benefit.