How to make bread Sandwich?

How to make bread sandwich?

If you are hungry for zoro and feel like eating something good then what will you make quick and special food? Do not think too much! Today I am going to tell you a very easy recipe which is easy and special too !! This special is a time-saving recipe for those who are students or those who do the job. So let's start quickly:
How to make bread sandwich?

Material :-

Bread - 2 pieces
an onion
Two green chilies
Coriander leaves
Carrot 1
Tomato 1
Cucumber 1
Chart spice
The sauce

Recipe :-

First put the eggs in a large bowl
Cut the onion first round and thin.
Then cut the onion and chilli into small pieces.
Peel the cucumber and chop it round.
And add chopped onion and chili to the egg.
Add a little garam masala, and salt as per taste.
And now mix it well with a spoon.
And now put the pan on the gas, when it gets hot, add some oil to it.
When the oil is hot, wrap the bread in the egg solution on both sides.
And pour into the pan.
Then after a while turn it over.
When it is on both sides, leave it
Cook the other bread in the same way.
When both the breads are done, then cut the bread from one corner to the other with a knife.
Then apply the butter paste.
Now on one side keep the cucumber and onion in your round slices.
If you want to eat spicy then you can add a little chili.
Then add the mixture and sauce.
Put the bread crumbs on it.
And keep the second part bread on top. And now your bread sandwich is ready.

First, cut the carrot, tomato and cucumber in round shape, then make 4 pieces of onion finely round and the rest. And cut the chili finely.
Then put a pan on the gas and add a spoon of oil to it.
After that break the egg directly and put it in (such that the egg does not spread much)
Then put a fine amount of chilli and onion on top of it and also put a taste salt on it.
Then on one side, flip it over. Do not over cook it after turning. After a little cooking, remove it.