Try them for immediate relief from vomiting, you will get immediate benefits

Tips to stop vomiting - There can be many reasons for vomiting. Whenever our body accepts something that is infected, the body's immune system sends it out of the body through vomiting. Apart from this, there is also the problem of vomiting due to acidity or migraine, due to overeating, because of drinking too much. Pregnant women also have to suffer greatly from the problem of vomiting. In such a situation, to tackle this problem, you must try some home remedies. This gives you instant relief from the problem of vomiting. Ulti Rokne Ke Gharelu Medicine.

Ginger - Ginger for vomiting

Ginger has the cure to deal with every stomach problem. Crush one piece of it and mix it in the water. Add one spoon of honey to it and eat it. Vomiting will provide immediate benefits.

Cloves - Ulti me Long

In case of vomiting, take two cloves under the teeth and keep sucking its juice. Its taste is effective in stopping vomiting immediately. It is also the best solution to all problems of the mouth. Clove is the perfect medicine for the sensitivity of teeth.

Fennel - Measures to prevent vomiting with fennel

Chewing aniseed several times a day is extremely beneficial in vomiting. It is also used to change the taste of the mouth. It provides a lot of relief from vomiting after eating.

Orange juice benefit for regular vomiting

Fresh orange juice is a very beneficial treatment for vomiting. It also has many other advantages. As such, it is also very beneficial for the control of blood pressure in the body.

Peppermint - Mint for Vomit

Whenever vomiting occurs, make and drink mint tea or chew only its leaf. Vomiting will provide immediate relief.

Lemon - nimbu se palti kaise band kare

If you feel like vomiting, put a piece of lemon in your mouth. It provides great relief in vomiting.

Cardamom - elaichi

Cardamom is also a very effective remedy to keep stomach acidity and digest food.

Asafoetida - Gas ke Karn Ulti hone par hing ka nuskha

Grind asafetida in water and apply it on the stomach, it kills stomach gas and stops vomiting. Mixing 3 grams asafetida and 3 grams powder of gooseberry with water is useful to stop vomiting. Grind one gram asafetida, 5 grams spoon peel and 4 cloves together in a cup of water and drink it to stop vomiting.