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Drink copper pot water
Medical science is taking a keen interest in the bacteria-destroying properties of copper. There have been many experiments over the years and scientists have discovered that water has its own memory - it remembers everything it touches. Due to our own memory of water, we pay attention to how to keep it in the pot.

If you keep the water in a copper vessel overnight or for at least four hours, then it contains some properties of copper.

Drink water from a copper vessel. This water is particularly useful for your liver and by and large for your wellbeing and quality.. If the water is pumped with great speed and reaches your home with the help of iron or plastic pipe after circling countless turns, then there is a lot of defect in it due to passing through all these turns. But water also has the power to regain its original form along with memory. If you keep this tap water without stirring it for one hour, then the defect automatically ends. › nutrition › 27-health-and-nutrition-tips
Tips for Health

Give the body no sleep
What time you go to sleep depends on your lifestyle, but the importance is how many hours of sleep you need. It is often said that one must sleep eight hours a day. What your body needs is not sleep, it is comfort. If you give rest to your body throughout the day, if your work, your exercises are everything as a rest for you, then your sleep hours will be reduced automatically. People want to do everything under stress. I have noticed that people are also tense while walking in the park. Now this type of exercise will do you harm rather than profit, because you are taking everything in such a way that you are fighting a war. Why don't you take a walk with ease? Whether walking or jogging, why not do it with full fun and comfort?

So the question revolves around how much sleep my body needs? It depends on what kind of manual labor you do. You need to decide neither the amount of food nor the hours of sleep. I have to take so much calories, I have to sleep for so many hours, these are all stupid things to live life. The level of physical work you are doing today is low, so you eat less. Tomorrow if you have to work more then you eat more. It is the same with sleep. The moment your body gets complete rest, it will wake up whether it is 3 in the morning or 8. Your body should not wake up when the alarm bell rings. Once the body relaxes, it should wake itself up.

Fast once in two weeks
There is something many refer to as 'Mandal' joined to the characteristic cycle of the body. There are three days in each cycle in which your body needn't bother with nourishment.

There are three days in each cycle in which your body needn't bother with nourishment. If you become aware of your body, then you yourself will also realize that the body does not need food in these days. On any one of these days you can live comfortably without food.

In 11 to 14 days, a day also comes when you will not feel like eating anything. You should not eat that day. You would be surprised to know that dogs and cats also have so much awareness inside. Never look closely, on a particular day they do not eat anything. Actually, they are fully aware of their system. The day the system says that no food should be eaten today, that day becomes a day of cleaning the body for them and on that day they do not eat anything. Now there is not so much awareness in you that you can recognize those special days. Then what to do! To solve this problem, Ekadashi day has been fixed here. According to Hindi months, Ekadashi falls once every 14 days. This means that every 14 days, you can have one day without eating. If you cannot eat without eating or your work is such, because of which you do not have to be hungry and you do not have the spiritual practice that you need to stay hungry, then you can take fruit. Overall it is enough to just become aware of your system.

One more thing, if you are used to drinking tea and coffee again and again and try to keep fast, then you will have a lot of trouble. There is only one solution to this problem. If you want to keep fast then first of all improve your eating habits. Get into the habit of eating the right kind of food first, then think of fasting. If you try to force your desire to eat, it will harm your body. There is one more important thing here that under no circumstances be forced. › nutrition › 27-health-and-nutrition-tips
Tips for Health

Sit with back straight
Being at rest in the internal organs of the body has special significance It has many aspects. We are currently considering only one aspect of it. Most of the important internal organs of the body are in the chest and abdomen. All these parts are neither hard or stiff nor they are fixed in one place with nuts or bolts. All these limbs are loose-fitting and swinging inside a mesh. These organs can get maximum relief only if you make a habit of sitting with your spine straight.

Keep the back straight
According to modern ideas, comfort means sitting back or bending. But sitting in this way never rests on the body parts.

I have to take so much calories, I have to sleep for so many hours, these are all stupid things to live life. The level of physical work you are doing today is low, so you eat less. Tomorrow if you have to work more then you eat more
In this situation, the body parts are not able to function as well as they should - especially when you sit down on the recliner after eating a lot of food. Nowadays, many trips take place in a comfortable chair. If you travel a thousand kilometers sitting on a comfortable seat in a car, you lose at least three to five months of your life. This is because, because of sitting in such a posture continuously, your organs have such a bad effect that their working power is dramatically reduced or they become very weak.
Keeping the body upright does not mean that we do not like rest, but the simple reason for this is that we perceive and feel comfort in a completely different way. You can make a habit of keeping your muscles relaxed even while keeping your spine straight. But on the contrary, when your muscles are bent, you cannot rest your limbs. There is no other way to relax. Therefore, it is important that we prepare our body in such a way that our body structure and nervous system remain in a state of rest while keeping the spine straight.

Live life by joining five elements
We were telling some people that there is a yogic hospital in our yoga center, so some doctors from America wanted to see it and they came here. He was here for a week and after a week he was very angry with me. I said - "Why, what did I do? They were saying the same thing all around - "This is all nonsense!" Sadhguru said a yogic hospital here! Where is Yogic Hospital? We don't see any beds, we don't see anything. " Then I understood what their problem was, then I called them and I said - "What is the problem" One of those women, who had tears in her eyes, said - I came here with so much confidence and I am being deceived here, There is no hospital here, nothing at all here and you are saying that there is a hospital here. I said - "Take a rest. The idea about your hospital is that - there should be many beds where you put patients to sleep and give them medicines - this hospital is not like that. Let me turn you around - all the patients are working here in the garden, and in the kitchen. We make them work, and they recover.

So, the most important thing is that if someone is ill, we make them work in the garden. They have to be in contact with the earth empty-handed for at least half an hour to 45 minutes. By doing this they become healthy. Because what you call a body is just a piece of this earth, isn't it? Yes or no? All those countless people who walked this earth, where did they all go? All are on the top surface of the earth, right? This body will also run on the surface of the earth - until your friends - fearing that you will not wake up again - do not bury you too deep. So, it is simply a piece of earth. So it will remain at its best when you keep a little contact with the earth. At the moment you wear a suit and boot every time you walk on the fiftieth floor, and never come in contact with the earth. In such a situation it is natural for you to become physically and mentally ill. Then I showed them - "Look, this person has heart disease, that person has that disease." I introduced them to all the patients and then the patients started telling their words - "Three weeks ago we were like this, and now we feel very good, we have forgotten our disease." And now all the medical standards are also saying That they are fine. We had to work very hard to convince the American doctor that these people were really patients. We are also putting them in good work.