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How to do weight loss  on this site. You will get to read more than one post, such as: how to reduce weight to drinking water. fast weight loss tips in hindi. weight loss exercises. weight loss foods. weight loss drink recipe.overweight pregnancy weight loss. healthy weight loss after pregnancy. So let us tell you. Surefire Tips to Lose Weight Which if you regularize properly, then your weight will definitely be reduced. And your body will be fit and beautiful. And we will also get rid of the diseases and problems due to obesity.


Nectar and lemon 

Drinking lemon and nectar together decreases weight. Include nectar, lemon squeeze and dark pepper powder in a glass of warm water and blend well. Take this blend each morning on a vacant stomach. This will diminish heftiness.

It is not a normal tea or decoction. It is very effective in controlling obesity.

Let's know how to make herbal tea for weight loss.

The material required for this is written below. ingredients For Loose weight

Dry fenugreek - dry fenugreek
Barberry - Barberry, Daruhaldi
Karanji - karanji
Amla - Amla
Giloy Tinospora (Giloy)
Kutki Kutki, Gnat
Bahera Bahera
Turmeric turmeric
Acacia Acacia (Babul)
Kalijiri Kalijeeri
Manjith Mnjit
 Salicy absinth
Dronpushpi Dronpushpi
Panwar Pnwaar
Bhumiawla Bhumiavla
Harad Harad
Gugul Gugul
Babul Gond Babul Gond
Bakuchi Bakuchi
Pure Shilajit - shilaajeet
You will get all these things easily with grocer or herb seller.

How to make it-

To make a 2-month decoction, mix all these ingredients 60-60 grams.
Now in the morning, on an empty stomach, boil half a teaspoon in 2 glasses of water till one glass remains.
Now cool it and filter it yellow.
Ayurveda has proved to be very effective for reducing weight and fat.
If pure jadi butiya is used, there is no better recipe than this.

Parsley Celery Seed Tea for Weight Loss tips

Parsley is known for kidney cleaning. It keeps you healthy by taking out the wastes in the kidneys. At the same time, it also gives relief from stomach problems and does not allow the hunger to be felt for a long time, so that there is no problem of weight gain.

Gooseberry weight loss with gooseberry juice

Gooseberry is a very good source of vitamin C as well as a good antioxidant. Gooseberry juice is also very beneficial in weight loss. This keeps the body's metabolism fine and reduces fats.

Cayenne Red Chilly May Solve Obesity Epidemic

Cayenne pepper helps to balance your weight. According to a research, adding red chilli powder to the food speeds up your metabolic process and burns unwanted calories from the body after meals and reduces obesity.

Aniseed weight loss 

This is an effective herbal recipe for weight loss. Drink a cup of fennel tea fifteen minutes before taking a heavy meal. This will control your hunger. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for stomach related diseases.

Plum Leaves Benefits of Red Raspberry

Soak plum leaves in water overnight. In the morning, drink this water after filtering black soaked leaves. Do this recipe for one month, it can definitely be seen in your increasing weight.

Aniseed weight loss 

This is an effective herbal recipe for weight loss. Drink a cup of fennel tea fifteen minutes before taking a heavy meal. This will control your hunger. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for stomach related diseases.

Tomato tomato weight loss diet 

Tomatoes are very high in beta carotene and icopin. Even if you are thinking about losing weight, tomatoes should be beneficial for you.

Yogurt yogurt recipe for weight lose

Eating curd can also reduce weight. According to the International Journal of Obesity, those who eat more yogurt lose or lose weight faster. Calcium and protein in curd is helpful in reducing fat, but curd or toned milk and then skim milk and freeze.

Drink plenty of water Drinking Water For fit Body

Drinking eight to nine glasses of water a day also helps in reducing weight. It has been assumed in many researches that you can burn 200 to 250 calories with eight to nine glasses of water a day.

Cabbage Cabbage gharelu nuskhe 

Cabbage is a special vegetable but weight can also be reduced by its use. One cup of cooked cabbage contains only 33 calories, which does not allow weight gain. Cabbage soup gives energy to the body but reduces the amount of fat.

Apple vinegar Apple vinegar remedy weight loss

One can lose weight easily with the help of apple vinegar. Mix it with water and take it everyday in the morning. Due to the control of blood sugar from Apple vinegar, it is helpful in reducing weight because insulin will not be able to store free sugars as fat.

Gourd slim belly reduce belly fat 

Water and fiber are found in sufficient quantity in the gourd. You can take it in vegetable or juice in any way. There are only 12 Calories in 100 grams of gourd juice. Including it in your morning breakfast will reduce weight as well as make your skin glow.

Green Tea Green Tea for Fat Burn

Green tea is a very good antioxidant that reduces fat. If you take it everyday then your weight loss can definitely be seen. Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center believed in their research that Green Tea contains special types of Polifenols which help burn fats in the body.

Honey honey and weight loss tips

Mix honey in two tablespoons of radish juice and drink it with equal amount of water.
After doing this, obesity will start decreasing after 1 month.

Root of malti

Grind the root of Malati and eat honey mixed with honey and drink buttermilk. It acts like a panacea in postpartum obesity.

Peppermint tea weight loss benefits 

Fatness is reduced by taking one teaspoon of mint juice mixed with 2 teaspoons of honey.

Ficus religiosa

Grind fine powder of small peepal and sieve it with a cloth.
By taking three grams of this powder with buttermilk daily in the morning, the pendent belly gets inside.

Papaya benefits for weight loss tips 

Eat papaya regularly.
It is available every season.
Excess fat around waist is reduced by long-term consumption of papaya.


Onion and pepper Onion and pepper

Eat a tomato and onion salad with black pepper and salt with food. They will get vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, potassium, lycopene and lutein. Eating them after eating will fill the belly quickly and weight will be controlled.

Drink hot water drinking hot water for losing weight 

The body needs a lot of water to perform its function properly.
By this, your body also remains fine and by drinking water, it also controls obesity.
Control obesity with hot water. Drink hot water every time after eating food.
Due to this, the digestive system works properly and the excess weight present in the body is reduced.

Aloe vera aloe vera for weight loss

Weight control by eating aloe vera leaves weight control. Therefore, aloe vera should be consumed daily.

Effective remedy for obesity Effective remedy for overweight 

Obesity is not only caused by eating too much but also due to timely and not having proper breakfast can cause overweight problems. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After sleeping all night and for a full start of the day, the body needs some energy, which is available from Breakfast. But by not eating anything, the whole body's process of metabolism is domadol. Therefore, it is necessary to have breakfast on time.

Decoration of the root of castor 

Make a decoction of castor root and filter it and take one spoon of honey with honey thrice a day regularly to eliminate obesity.

Ashwagandha ashwagandha for reduce obesity

Crush a leaf of Ashwagandha by hand and swallow it daily in the morning, afternoon, evening, one hour before meals or on empty stomach with water.
Living on fruits, vegetables, milk, buttermilk and juice with a regular intake of one week
Weight can be reduced by several kilos.
Nowadays the problem of weight increase has become very common. Everyone suffers from this problem, in such a situation, why not with the help of easy home remedies, Increasing weight should be controlled. These remedies are completely safe as well as regular use of them will definitely reduce your body fat. Weight loss tips