What is virginity? 7 easy ways to get Virginity

how to regain virginity fast before marriage - Virginity has its own importance for girls. After sex, when vaginal dysfunction occurs, the girl and her partner also do not enjoy sex. And for this enjoyment of virginity the girls have to resort to operation. But now some such remedies have been discovered, by which you can regain your lost virginity in a natural way. Let us know what is that solution?

What is virginity
Virginity means virginity, it means that while the virgin girl is having sex, blood comes out from the private part of the girl / woman. But according to research, 90% of this does not happen to girls. Therefore, according to the woman's bleeding, it is wrong to call a woman a virgin or not. People have different myths about virginity.

Ways to know virginity - ways to do virginity check
It is believed that a woman who does not shed blood for the first time is not a virgin (which is a myth).
It is also believed that after forming a relationship, the lower abdomen of girls starts coming out.
If the woman's breast is more loose, it means that the girl has made physical relations.
If the woman's hips are outward, it means the woman has already formed a physical relationship.
The best thing is that you ask the girl whether she has had sex with anyone before or only that she can give proof.

Easy ways to get virginity again

Carissa Charandas

Gooseberry can help you get virginity. It is said that after boiling the juice of korunde, cool it and store it in a bottle. While bathing three times a week, use it in the vagina area. This can give you back your virginity.

This is a type of fruit that can be used to restore lost virginity by applying juice to the vaginal area.

Curcuma Whipped
It is also a type of Ayurvedic fruit, with the use of which the surface of the waxen is narrowed.

Pueraria Mirifica
H is a fruit that is also used for breast augmentation. But these fruits can also bring back your lost virginity.

This is such a flower, if the girls make their personal part with powder made, then the vaginal area can become a lump again.

Aloe Vera
By applying melted virgin gel in the vaginal area before bathing, not only does the vagina shrink, but you can also get rid of many vaginal diseases.