About Me

Abhay Mondal

In high school, I was that kid that seemed to never be paying attention. Seemingly in my own world of doodles and many interest. I’ve had a mobile in my hand since I was in diapers. Things never change… I’m no longer in diapers though.

When I started college I originally had the idea of going into computer work. After building my first website on 000webhost, and getting instant gratification of praise from others, I was hooked. The internet was my outlet. A new way to show and share my passions.

My Dream is my website:

healthhubs.in best useful tips & tricks based website in India😇 even the all of world😉. People can visit and read topics without registration..

Visitors are able to give their opinion about any forum topics & ask any question in comment section without registration. They can apply to be a tuner for create tunes.

My target

My target is to make internet a learning place and we want to give chance to peoples to share their knowledge about technology by using my website www.healthhubs.in believes that knowledge is only for sharing so if any one know something about technology and wants to share will be always welcome to logoutrd family.. And if any one wants to enrich knowledge about technology also always welcome to our website.

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